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Check out the new tag pages

Recently we’ve launched some updates to the tag pages on the web to improve discovery.

Tags are keywords and keyword phrases that are added to stories by the writer to improve story discovery and categorization. A writer can add up to five tags per story.

tags in the post editor
tags in the post editor

These tags appear at the bottom of a post, and readers can click these tags to see all similarly-tagged stories on Medium.

Tags are an important part of the Medium experience. Whether publishing an original piece or replying to another writer, tags are a key way to help new readers discover your work.

To unlock the full potential of tags, one must balance both their art and science.

Use all your tags

Every story has at least five phrases that are excellent descriptors of the writing within. Don’t squander this opportunity to get your work in front of as many people as possible. Remember that people are on Medium because they want to read what people are writing, and people follow tags in order to discover…

An ode to my love of the tag “Medium Suggestion Box”

There are lots of amazing ways to get the attention of folks who work on and at Medium. Your Friends @ Medium is the soothsayer of truths and the answerer of so many questions. Your Friends is also the writer of our amazing Help Center, another indispensable resource that is, conveniently, always online to give you answers to so many quandaries.

I have also found amazing insights and questions by trawling the streams of the Medium and Medium Staff tags.

But my new personal favorite?

Medium Suggestion Box.

As Jesse recently pointed out to me, Talkback is often

“a place where people who…

I love a professionally reported 17-minute article about an important and surprising topic. Or a 10-minute technical mystery by a professional designer. And who doesn’t enjoy a 91-minute interview between a media entrepreneur and a journalist?

High-production value, lengthy stories are what Medium is best known for. And I’m glad we’ve provided a home to so many great ones. It was always our intention to create a platform that provides a superior creation and reading experience for meaty stuff (or non-meaty stuff, as the case may be).

It was not our intention, however, to create a platform just for “long-form”…

3 min read

The official Medium blog

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