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Four years ago, we launched Letters to help Publications connect with their audience directly in their readers’ inboxes. Since then, we’ve seen the efficacy of this tool for publishers. We’ve also seen opportunities to improve it to help creators better reach and grow their audience.

Today, we’re launching Newsletters: a new way to build relationships and share stories with your Medium audience.

We made Newsletters easy to create and powerful to use. Any Publication on Medium can start a newsletter and correspond with their subscribers directly in their inbox. Publications can now give their Newsletter a name and description, so…

Five easy-to-finish stories you’ll love, delivered every day in the Medium app

Our app team is on a mission to help readers like you discover the stories on Medium that you’ll love. Not only are we putting these stories at your fingertips, but we also want to put you in control of your app experience. We’ve made some recent updates to do this better. We love hearing from readers, so leave us a comment on this post if you’ve got feedback or an idea for us.

Read your top five recommended stories

Each day we’ll share the top five stories recommended for you at the top of the app home, and send you a push notification when they’re…

The latest Medium app updates and design changes help you focus on the words

The Medium app is designed for people who love to read. Period. And that means our team is constantly working on ways to improve the way you experience stories on the app (on iOS and Android), whether it’s on your morning commute or cozied up in bed at the end of the day.

We always appreciate when readers tell us which features they love and which could use some polish, so we’ve made a few important updates over the past month to help you focus on the story — and not so much the screen.

For your eyes only: adjust type size, brightness, and night mode

Stories on Medium should challenge…

Introducing Claps, a new way to react on Medium

Remember that time you saw a really amazing live show? You couldn’t help but jump out of your seat and clap so hard your hands felt raw afterwards. Or when you heard a great lecture or stirring speech, and felt connected to the people around you by joining in with their applause? Now, remember when you last read a story that turned your thinking upside down, offering a new look at a topic that you’d never considered before. Was tapping a heart icon one time enough? Was it satisfying?

Today we’re hoping to change that. Rolling out to Medium users…

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