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Product Design

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We’re working to make it easier to find, read, and follow what you love.

Medium is not just a writing platform, it’s a networked ecosystem where every story, writer, publication, and topic is connected to dozens of others. …

Five easy-to-finish stories you’ll love, delivered every day in the Medium app

Our app team is on a mission to help readers like you discover the stories on Medium that you’ll love. Not only are we putting these stories at your fingertips, but we also want to put you in control of your app experience. We’ve made some recent updates to do…

Now you can create image grids from our iOS app, write inline code, and drag and drop images on web

Sometimes, you want more than words to tell your tale. We want to give you a seamless canvas to focus on the important stuff (your story) and convey your thoughts as clearly as possible. …

This was originally written on Hatch — the internal version of Medium for Medium employees. For the last few weeks, we’ve been using mentions on Hatch and we’re loving it. (See Hatching Inside Medium for more context.)

Hey Ev, what about mentions?

I’ve always wanted to let people know that I’ve mentioned them in my…

Readability is about more than the structure of a sentence. Sometimes, it’s about words on a page.

Our aim is to create a space that provides the best writing experience possible for storytellers to reach their audience. Today, we’re excited to show off our improved headers. …

A well-timed image or video can really put a point on a paragraph. At Medium, we know that words, images, and other media all play a role in great storytelling. So we want to give you the right tools to tell your story.

Embedly supports tons of media formats and…

If you visited your profile recently, you might have noticed that it’s been given a significant facelift.

Of all the improvement suggestions we receive at Medium from our readers and writers, profile organization has been the most frequently requested update.

The new profile navigation bar was born directly from your…

Enjoy reading and highlighting stories in the Medium iPhone app? Starting today, you can easily share your highlights with anyone right from your phone with just a tap:

Tap a highlight to share anywhere.

Here’s how it works: When you’re reading a story, just tap a sentence or a highlight to select it and then tap…

A few weeks ago, we announced a new home experience for the mobile apps — a browsable, curated home to showcase the breadth and best of Medium. Today we’re excited to bring collections to the web and add some serendipity to the reading experience.

Collections are lists of topical or…

This week, we’re excited to roll out three new features requested by Medium users to enhance the writing and publishing experience.

Scheduled Publishing

With our new schedule to publish feature, you can specify a date and time in the future for your stories to be published.

Clicking on “schedule to publish” from…

3 min read

The official Medium blog

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