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Net Neutrality

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Six perspectives on net neutrality

This week, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on the future of net neutrality. Whether you’ve been following the political back and forth, skimming the headlines, or struggling to decode acronyms, the decision will have an impact on what we can do online (and who can afford to do it). Because the internet has effectively been free and open since the day it was born, it’s easy to lose sight of the impact this vote will have.

The reality is, the internet is a fragile thing. Open, crazy, weird spaces where people swap stories and secrets, create rad digital art…

Yesterday afternoon Medium co-filed an amicus brief in support of net neutrality at the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. This brief is a joint effort with Automattic, Reddit, Squarespace, Yelp, and Twitter. We’re glad to be part of this group and proud of the brief. Net neutrality is crucial for our platform and our users.

What’s the case?

United States Telecom Association, et al. v. FCC and USA. It’s basically a bundle of cases brought by various broadband providers. They’re suing the FCC.

Why are they suing the FCC?

Because they don’t like the Net Neutrality. Earlier this year, the…

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