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Hillary Clinton

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The last two weeks in politics on Medium

1. Hillary Clinton announces her vice presidential pick and shares why she chose Tim Kaine. Senator Tim Kaine responds and introduces himself to the world.

2.The second half of July brought us the GOP Convention and the DemConvention, with tons of speeches and plenty of red, white and blue. The RNC published all the speeches from Cleveland here, and the DNC shared most of their speeches in their publication here.

3.Meanwhile, Libertarian presidential candidate Gov. …

The last two weeks in politics on Medium

1.Senator Ben Sasse hosts a #YouTellMe, initiating a conversation about the presidential race, the candidates and what voting means.

2.Ending his campaign for president, Bernie Sanders writes to his supporters to endorse Hillary Clinton and urge them to keep their “political revolution” going.

3.Senator Tim Scott gave three speeches on the Senate floor following the events in Dallas, Minnesota, and Baton Rouge, sharing his personal experiences in dealing with law enforcement as an African-American man.

4. In addressing the shootings in Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and Dallas, Hillary Clinton says “there is too much violence, too much hate, too much senseless…

The Last Two Weeks of Politics on Medium

1. Senator Elizabeth Warren joins Medium, and in her first post calls out Republicans for their efforts in blocking a SCOTUS nomination. In her second post, she calls Donald Trump “a total disgrace” for his attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel.

2. Hillary Clinton argues in a national security address why making Donald Trump Commander-in-Chief would be a historic mistake.

3. A conversation on civility and politics: Vice President Biden published a piece called “On Senator John McCain and Civility.” Senator John McCain then responded with a story of his own, thanking Vice President Biden for his friendship and civility.


Political Roundup — April 2015

Medium is democratizing the op-ed page. We are a platform for people who have ideas of consequence to self-publish, interact meaningfully with an engaged, thoughtful audience, and have maximum impact. Below are the top political hits for April 2015.

Governor Jeb Bush joins Medium by showcasing his public education policies in Florida and taking a shot at Hillary Clinton:

President Obama pays tribute to his fifth-grade teacher and asks Medium readers to share their own story:

The Tea Party Express launches a Medium publication, “Solutions for America”:

Senator Marco Rubio contends that solving modern problems requires solutions rooted in modern…

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