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Enjoy reading and highlighting stories in the Medium iPhone app? Starting today, you can easily share your highlights with anyone right from your phone with just a tap:

Tap a highlight to share anywhere.

Here’s how it works: When you’re reading a story, just tap a sentence or a highlight to select it and then tap “Share.” We’ll package it up into an image with a link that you can then share via any of your favorite apps: iMessage, email, Facebook, Twitter, Slack — heck, you can even save it to your photos or print it out as a poster and put it on your wall.

The latest version of Medium for Apple iOS is rolling out to an App Store near you, and has two big updates in it.

Highlight Responses

We continue to be very excited about highlights, and since launching earlier this year your highlights have made Medium come alive — creating a shared reading experience with your network by surfacing the most interesting parts of a story. But highlights can also be a jumping off point — a seed for other ideas, and a foundation upon which you can develop your own thoughts.

Starting today, you can respond to highlights in the Medium iOS…

​In this fast-paced online world, sometimes you simply don’t have the time to select a word or sentence, start a note, and then tediously type out a “LOL,” “ha,” or the quintessential “THIS”

We’ve conducted an in-depth analysis of the typical “one-handed-mouse-style” and devised a tool to make sure you will never again have to put down your burrito while reading Medium.

Introducing Highlights

With one simple swipe of the cursor, you can select a word, passage, or paragraph to highlight it. When the menu pops up, select the highlighter icon:

The writer will be notified and receive a warm fuzzy. It’s…

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