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Medium is becoming more relational in order to give writers more freedom and agency over building and maintaining relationships with their audience. Our goal is to create the best of both worlds: An open and simple platform where anyone can publish — once, occasionally, or often — that also allows for deeper connections between readers and writers. We want to simplify the publishing process. Today we made the following changes:

  1. Every post published on Medium is eligible for further distribution. Writers no longer need to submit their stories for curation review.
  2. Only writers enrolled in the Medium Partner Program will…

Medium’s Curation Guidelines get an update

We checked in with Medium Curation to discuss this latest update of Medium’s Curation Guidelines. From Medium Curation:

We built out sections on how curation works on Medium and how we think about quality, and we listed everything that can disqualify a story from curation. Hopefully you’ll find this page more comprehensive and usable than before.

This update was inspired by a desire to provide more transparency for writers and publications about what curation is looking for and what’s not allowed. The latter is much easier (and clearer) to explain than the former. “What we’re looking for in curation” is…

Simple tips from Medium Curation

Photo: Maica/Getty Images

Every day the curation team reviews stories for distribution through Medium’s topics. Curators are looking for great stories to distribute, but in addition to quality, stories must meet some minimum guidelines. (Read the full curation guidelines here.) Some of the issues that disqualify a story from curation can easily be fixed. So before you hit publish, check to see if you’ve met these commonly missed guidelines.

Note that you can still publish on Medium without meeting these guidelines (except for rules violations), but you will not be eligible for curation.

1. Write quality headlines

We could fill a whole post with headline best practices…

Help us dive for pearls in Deep Medium

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Every day, thousands of amazing stories are published on Medium. While we have a world-class News + Curation team scouring every inch of Medium for great work, we are but mere mortals and need your help to find and highlight more of what’s out there.

When you come upon a great story that you think would be perfect for a Collection, for us to highlight as a Medium Staff pick, or to post on our Facebook or Twitter accounts, send it to us for consideration using the email address

Not only does that email address go directly to our entire News + Curation team, it also feeds into a dedicated Slack channel so that we can review amazing stories as soon as they are sent our way.

A few weeks ago, we announced a new home experience for the mobile apps — a browsable, curated home to showcase the breadth and best of Medium. Today we’re excited to bring collections to the web and add some serendipity to the reading experience.

Collections are lists of topical or theme-based stories from Medium and around the web. The new homepage is powered by collections — you’ll be able to find new ones on and in our apps every day. Right now, they are curated by Medium and a handful of trusted testers.

This is our first step in…

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