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As the year comes to a close, we can (probably) agree on one thing: 2016 will not soon be forgotten. The world lost legends like David Bowie and Muhammad Ali, watched as athletes made history on the field and off, and put democracy under all the microscopes. …

Some of the best stuff on Medium, month by month

Processing politics

Leaders in politics and activism took to Medium before and after the election to process their thoughts, defend their viewpoints, and mobilize their readerships.

In the week leading up to Election Day, voices from all corners of the political landscape entreated readers to get to the polls. Thumbtack founder, former…

I wrote this on Hatch on March 13, 2015, presented here without edit. See Hatching Inside Medium for context on this collection.

The College Journalism Opportunity

A student-run Medium publication could be the model for other college journalism programs

On March 13, Saul and I met with Toni Albertson, the journalism professor at Mt. San Antonio College outside of Los Angeles who moved her students’ journalism efforts…

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The official Medium blog

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