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Cool stuff you can do to make your stories shine

Writing and reading on Medium is simple.

In just a few minutes, you can publish a great-looking story, write a response, highlight lines you love in other people’s work, or bookmark cool stuff to come back to later on. (The actual writing part probably takes a lot longer, if you are anything like me, but that’s another post entirely.)

Enter this handy guide to help get your stories discovered, start more conversations, and look even more awesomer than they did before.

Hook them with a clever title

Reel them in with an even cleverer subtitle

A roundup post of some of the things we learned from the Talkback community survey

Photo by Matt Wiebe

On Mar. 1, we announced Talkback, a new Medium publication for people who use Medium to talk with the people who make Medium. We also launched a survey that asked broad questions to gauge what users currently do, aspire to do more, love, and, well, don’t love about Medium right now.

We received over 800 responses to the survey. I was delighted by how thoughtful and concise the responses were. I suppose on a platform of avid readers and writers, I should expect nothing less.

Without further ado, let’s dive into what we learned (or confirmed, since a lot of…

Photo by Matthew Wiebe

Some thoughts on how we act when tempers flare on Medium

Last weekend, you might have noticed some serious shade being thrown in an article on the Medium top stories list.

I’m not in the business of recounting the goings-on of communities within Medium, but what happened highlighted some tensions that we have noticed and are an excellent catalyst to take the temperature of the communities on the platform, and be transparent about how we think and react to our users when issues arise. This is also a good opportunity to talk about how I think we, collectively, can be more awesome to each other.

Before I begin, let’s do some…

On making decisions

Topics like plagiarism and civility have been vigorously discussed on Medium since we started. They’re important subjects: These conversations will, and should, always be happening here. They’ve surfaced again in the last week, and I want to talk about what happened, how we responded, and where we plan to go from here.

First, an overview of what happened: Someone wrote a post that some people regarded as plagiarism that should be taken down. Others believed (and we at Medium concluded) it was a parody and therefore not plagiarism (or copyright infringement). The post remains up. The original poster, a prolific…

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