How Medium’s Curation, Distribution and Paywall Systems Work for Writers

A detailed look at how Medium works, and some of the recent changes we’ve made

We curate every story we recommend to readers

About our curators and our curation guidelines

Topics power personalized recommendations

Curated stories are eligible for featuring

In time, most stories we recommend to readers will be part of Medium’s paywall

How our metered paywall works

How distribution and recommendation from Medium helps writers

Stats on Medium

Bypassing the metered paywall with the Friend Link

Earning money through the Medium Partner Program

You can choose to participate in this system, on a per-story basis

How you can participate

If you’re in the Partner Program, this is the screen you’ll see when you choose to publish your story. If you aren’t enrolled in the Partner Program, you’ll see a slightly different message that doesn’t mention earning money.

What happens if you choose not to participate

Person of interests.