How Medium Works With Writers

We’re investing heavily in editorial and the Partner Program

As many of you have noticed, we’ve been building out a team of editors and curators at Medium over the last several months. This is exciting. Our goal is simple: put terrific stories in front of our readers and, notably, our subscribers.

Medium’s business model is designed to serve writers and readers — that’s it.

In Medium magazine, which debuted in June and has a new theme every month — like July’s Future Human and October’s Power Trip — we publish stories by journalists and other writers we admire. We also put together topic-based collections, such as The Crypto Collection, The Edge of Adulthood, or The Art of Code. Many of these collections contain both commissioned stories as well as great stories by writers on the platform. (This one features all writers who self-publish on Medium, and it’s awesome.)

When we find stories we love on the platform, which happens many, many times every day, we reach out to the writer.

Some of those indie writers are in the Partner Program, which anyone can join, and when they do, they stand to earn money based on engagement with their work. (What’s especially cool about the Partner Program is that writers can continue to earn cash on a story as long as members continue to engage with it — kind of like royalties.) There are tens of thousands of people in the Partner Program, and we’ve been working with a growing number of them directly.

VP, Editorial @Medium. I write and edit, usually in that order.

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