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Your Medium Profile Just Got a Facelift

We’ve gathered all your feedback and suggestions regarding the profile page and are excited to announce a new set of improvements.

The new header is more compact, with the goal of getting you to the writing more quickly. We removed the cover image, so you can actually see the post and interaction lists now, even on mobile. We also put a simpler list of associated publications directly under the bio.

Content sections are organized to elevate your best original writing as an author as well as your actions as a reader:

  • There is still the option to feature a post at the top of the page.
  • The Latest section contains the three most recent posts from the author. This is populated by full stories or “meatier” responses.
  • Highlights shows the four most recent highlights made by that user, as well as a link to a full list.
  • The Recommend list is a more a compact section showing four of the most recent Medium posts recommended by the user, with a link to a full list.
  • The More section is a reverse-chronological listing of every post and response written by the author.

Go take a look. We hope these changes will showcase your work as a writer and your curation skills as a reader. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback at yourfriends@medium.com.



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