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Your invitation to tell us about 2022

And how some writers are already reflecting on the year

Image via Midjourney (“fireworks and champagne”)
  • 2022 in X, Y, or Z: Tell the story of 2022 through the lens of what matters to you, whether that’s “2022 in AI-Generated Art,” “2022 in Poetry,” or anything you care deeply about. Reflect on your industry or an aspect of your life. 2022 in bad dates? 2022 in getting covid (again)? 2022 in vibe shifts?
  • The Best X, Y, or Z of 2022: Share the best books (or shows, podcasts, films, albums, etc.) of the year in your expert opinion, with commentary. Focus on a genre you know well, and help us discover a few new favorites.
  • 2022 in One Word: Give the year a word, and use it as a lens through which to unpack this moment in time. What do you understand now (about the world, others, or yourself) that you didn’t understand 12 months ago? For instance, here’s Robert Roy Britt on why “permastressed” is his word of the year.



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