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Writing in a Time of Crisis

Insights from Medium’s Platform Editors

Now is a crucial time to build support and connection. Over the last few weeks, Medium has been a place to share information and experiences during these challenging times. To help support your writing practice, we held a Medium Writers Q&A hosted by Kawandeep Virdee in conversation with Kate Green Tripp, Megan Morrone, and Michelle Woo, the platform editors of Elemental, OneZero, and Forge. Before the panel, we invited Medium writers to submit questions. You can watch a recording of the event here.

The panel covers questions including:

  1. How do you still find motivation to write and work on your craft, when it seems like everything loses meaning during the current world crisis?
  2. It feels like writing about anything other than Covid-19 is irrelevant and, yet, it’s hard to get a fresh angle on something that literally everyone in the world is talking about. How do we keep producing content that is both relevant and unique?
  3. Is it worth writing about non-Covid related pieces right now?
  4. Does humor have a place when writing in a time of crisis?
  5. What subjects do you write about in a chaotic time when people are only thinking of the chaos? Are there any specific topics you are looking to see covered during these uncertain times?
  6. What is the role of platform editors at Medium?
  7. What are you looking for in a story? What catches your eye?

Some of the topics covered across these publications include health, science, technology, and personal development. You’ll learn more about writing in these subject areas, and hear advice about creating your best work.




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