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Write Here, Right Now

Writing newsletters just got easier.

Why did we make this change?

Email is simply a more personal form of contact and we know the editor is one of the most important pieces of Newsletters because it’s the only thing between you and your audience. In hearing from you, our users, a few things about it became clear:

  1. Writing is easier without distractions. Combining the editor with stats, drafts, and sent emails was making it difficult to focus on what was most important: writing.
  2. Timing matters. Establishing a consistent send time is extremely important because it helps writers build reader habit, and in turn engagement. However, routinely delivering emails wasn’t easy without the ability to automatically schedule.
  3. Standing out within readers’ inboxes can be tricky. Subject lines and preview text play a huge role in deciding whether or not an email is opened, but there was no way to customize what showed up.

So, what exactly changed?

The first change you’ll probably notice is a new, clean writing surface. It’s similar to Medium’s story editor, but for Newsletters.



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