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Image courtesy of the Women’s Museum of California, via Melissa DeVelvis’s U.S. women’s history syllabus

‘Women’s history is women’s right’

A tribute to overlooked innovators, good troublemakers, and remarkable women of the past, present, and future

I Helped Pave the Way for Women Working in Trades” by Debra Groves Harman, MEd, writer and editor, in The Narrative Arc

Measuring the Gender Gap in Animated Films Using Computer Vision” by Mariana Avelino, data scientist, in Better Programming

The Making of Moms Mabley” by Toni the Talker, content strategist, in Momentum

Margaret Scott, Rachel Peace, May McFarlane and Olive Hodgkin exercising in the yard of Holloway prison, 1913. (From the archives of the Museum of London)

The Birth of Surveillance Photography” by Kitty Dinshaw, writer and artistic director

Women Invented the Internet, Too” by Becky Robinson, web developer and designer

David Lee/Netflix

Viola Davis on Playing the Powerful Ma Rainey” by Adrienne Gibbs in ZORA

When Wise Women Were Witches” by Olivia Campbell, bestselling author of ‘Women in White Coats’

Wikimedia Commons

The Woman Who Photographed America’s Darkest Days” by Taylor B. in History of Women

A Dutch Queen’s Epistolary Smackdowns” by Jenni Wiltz

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Two lines of women in long, vintage skirts face the camera in a black and white photograph.



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