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What We’re Reading: Your recommendations from across Medium

Storytelling tips, a child actor’s secrets, a marriage in transition, and more

The Secret Ingredient to Telling a Good Story” by GB ‘Doc’ Burford, narrative designer and game design consultant

Illustration by alexdndz (licensed at Envato via Louis Byrd)

Grinding Isn’t the Key to Success, But a Good Therapist Might Be” by Louis Byrd, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer at Zanago

Relax in Our Fragile Airbnb” by James Klein in humor publication Slackjaw

Handpainted watercolor by Joelle Marlin

The Second-Fastest Land Animal Still Runs From Ghosts” by Joelle Marlin, nature lover and paleoartist

Your Job Isn’t Meant to Make You Happy. Let’s Find Fulfillment Outside of Work.” by lisa Schmidt, professional coach

Paramount Pictures via Daley Wilhelm

Did Star Trek Predict the Future of UX?” by Daley Wilhelm, fiction writer turned UX writer, in UX Collective

Andor Is One of the Few Disney Shows to Get Fascism Right” by Alex Mell-Taylor in An Injustice!

Photo by Kathryn J Redman

Married and Transgender: When One Partner Transitions, The Other Does Too” by Kathryn J Redman in Prism & Pen

The Secrets I Learned About My Famous Dad After His Death” by Hogan Torah in Age of Empathy

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