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What We’re Reading: What’s your favorite game?

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In my house we play loads of electronic games but often slow down on the weekends to finish jigsaw puzzles and play anything from The Game of Life to Super Mario Monopoly Jr. to one of the newer versions of Uno. A recent trip to Target showcased a dizzying array of new (to me) games, including Jumanji (which I snagged and actually can’t wait to play even though we all know how that movie ends!).

It all made me wonder, when it comes to game selection, what’s your fancy and what does it say about you?

Games offer more than just distraction. Some offer insights into how we think. Take the scary Ouija board, for example — as writes, recent research has revealed possible clinical applications for the game that “may in fact provide a portal into the secrets of human consciousness.”

They also offer respite — especially the silly ones — says , who suggests Taco vs. Burrito, a fun, easy-to-play food-fight romper invented by a 7-year-old. “The game is insane, and it’s the best,” Rucker writes. “My three-year-old likes to play, and although she plays wrong most of the time, the quality time we spend playing is priceless.”

Of course, popular titles like Scrabble, Othello, or Risk are only as good as their design. UX designer goes into detail about tabletop, card, and electronic game design for the publication UX Collective. Molen offers deep insight into card designs and color choices depending upon the type of game. In part, he writes this:

“Minimalism is sometimes fought against because minimalist graphic design can look flat or too similar to other designs, but minimalist interfaces help guide the user [to] not feel overwhelmed by distractions, decorations, or irrelevant information.”

What are your thoughts on game design? Are tabletop games a lost art, have they made a comeback, or have they never left? Whatever your relationship to boxed games, I’d love to hear about it and what your favorite game is. Your story might help someone discover something new to play, or perhaps a new way to strategize their family time over the upcoming holidays.

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This week’s final word goes to Scrabble enthusiast , who writes of rediscovering the classic game during turbulent times.

“I stumbled upon the old Scrabble board in my attic on a gloomy Saturday afternoon. I laid out the board and started a solitary game out of sheer boredom.

I found myself laying out words that seemed to resonate with my feelings: ‘alone,’ ‘dream,’ ‘hope,’ ‘drift,’ and yes, even ‘pain’… It’s a different experience, playing Scrabble alone. There’s no competition, no time pressure, just a quiet communion with words.”

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What’s your favorite game and what have you been reading this week? Drop a line in the responses.

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