The forest in the rain. | Photo credit: Anne Bonfert

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Dear Medium reader,

No matter where you sit on the manager-managed work continuum, Sundial co-founder, data scientist and author Julie Zhuo offers insight into making the most of it. In her piece on ego, management and work, she details a young Julie, constantly asking her manager for the same thing. She then writes: “Eventually, he said this to me: Focus foremost on making the company successful, and the rest will follow.”

Where do you sit with this advice?

Also, a few weeks ago The Edition editors asked you to write about happiness and what it means to you. A lot of you responded. Robin Christine Honigsberg penned a piece about what would make her happy: better relationships. “I have a family,” she writes. “They just want nothing to do with me.” Writer Barbara Roy juxtaposed the hardships of her grandparents with the memories of them being happy people. “Can a person suffer and be happy?” she writes. “Can a person be prosperous yet feel hopeless?”

And last, a reader named Arne responded via email to say this: “Happiness is making others happy… It is not about what you have or what you want to have (numerous studies have confirmed this), so it has to be a state. It’s a virtuous circle, in that others you make happy will most likely try to make you happy too.”

Between work, ego and happiness, this is all a lot to think about — and to write about. As always, if you have insights into any or all of these topics, tag me in to your Medium post. I’d love to read what you have to say.

See you on Medium.

Adrienne Gibbs
Director of Creator Growth @ Medium

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What have you been reading this week? Let us know in the responses.

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