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Illustration by Anna Iurchenko

What We’re Reading: We asked for your stories and you delivered

From Women’s History Month to pandemic retrospectives, here’s a look at what you’ve shared on Medium lately

Here’s what we’re reading this week:

Anna Iurchenko

Discovering Creativity: On Your Unique Blob and the Threat of Normalcy” by Anna Iurchenko, designer at Google Health, in UX Collective

College Basketball’s NFT Rankings, Explained” by Giovanni Malloy, data and decision scientist, in Towards Data Science

Scott H. Young

The Biggest Issue with Long-Term Productivity” by Scott H. Young, author of the bestselling book ‘Ultralearning’

What Every Parent Needs To Know About Teen Substance Use” by Danielle Dick, Ph.D., Director of the Rutgers Addiction Research Center, Professor of Psychiatry, Author of “The Child Code”

Camp Dudley, Westport, NY, via Catherine A. Sanderson

A Simple Strategy for Boosting Happiness and Health: Spend Time in Nature” by Catherine A. Sanderson, Poler Family Professor of Psychology at Amherst College

5 Tips for Women to Negotiate a Higher Salary” by Alexandra Mislin, Associate Professor in the Department of Management at American University, for The Conversation U.S.

Angela Bassett Is Allowed to be Disappointed” by Whitney Alese



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