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What We’re Reading: The psychology of self-esteem, game design for beginners, and the art of receiving feedback

A few Medium stories you may have missed recently

Julie Zhuo

The Data-Informed Manifesto” by Julie Zhuo, former product design VP at Facebook and author of ‘The Making of a Manager’

Four Fs That Make a Freakin’ Difference” by Steven C. Hayes, clinical psychologist and professor at the University of Nevada

Running Twitter Isn’t Rocket Science. It’s Harder.” by Clive Thompson, tech, science, and culture writer

Ben Snyder

My kids designed a game and this is what I learned” by Ben Snyder, product designer, in UX Collective

How to Pull Off a Personal Annual Review” by Yi Shun Lai, diversity and inclusion educator, in Human Parts

You Are Not Your Name” by indi.ca, writer, in Momentum

David Milgrim

Living and Dying in the Attention Economy” by David Milgrim, cartoonist

The Art of Receiving Feedback” by Andrea Mignolo, coach, advisor, and designer, in method & matter

How physics and a video game trick forever changed the NASCAR Championships” by Ethan Siegel, science communicator and astrophysicist, in Starts With a Bang!

From the archive: “The Crossroads of Should and Must” by elle luna, writer and artist



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