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What We’re Reading: Medium designers share their favorite stories

Perspectives on emoji, typography, AI-generated art, and more, handpicked by our design team

Microsoft Design

Designing in the Open(Source) by Microsoft Design

AI Artwork Will Change Everything: Peter Mohrbacher Shares Thoughts on Midjourney by Mike Messenger, product manager and indie game developer

Created using “Mohrbacher” as a keyword in the AI Image prompt in Midjourney AI

Tools not rules by Matt Owens, designer, in UX Collective

AI has a UX Problem by caroline sinders, machine learning designer and researcher, in UX Collective

The Coffee Diagram by Manue Marevery, UX specialist [written in French]

Continuous Design and how to enable it by Mikael Vesavuori, cloud software architect, in UX Collective

Jack Shepherd

19 Punctuation Marks You Never Knew You Needed by Jack Shepherd



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