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What We’re Reading: Love is great, but have you tried friendship?

A few Medium stories you may have missed this week

Here’s what we’re reading this week…

I just shut down my first startup. Here’s my retro.” by Lillian Cartwright, former founder

Lillian Cartwright

We mythologize highways, but they’ve damaged communities of color” by Ryan Reft, author of ‘Justice and the Interstates: The Racist Truth About Urban Highways,’ via Urban Resilience Project

The Irony of Centering White People’s Comfort During Black History Month” by Allison Wiltz, womanist scholar and writer, in Cultured

Should You Worry About Gas Stoves?” by Gideon M-K; Health Nerd, epidemiologist and writer

You Probably Can’t Hire Stripe’s First COO But Soon You’ll Be Able To Read Her Book” by Hunter Walk, venture capitalist at Homebrew

The Alternative to Performance Reviews for Software Engineers” by Mario Caropreso, engineering manager, in Better Programming

Molly Ruby

How ChatGPT Works: The Model Behind the Bot” by Molly Ruby, data scientist, in Towards Data Science

I Could Not See the Future Coming” by Catherine Dunn in The Wind Phone

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