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Sivan Hermon won a Frodo Award in 2014 from Google. She talks about the hows and whys of it in a Medium post. // Image: Sivan Herman


, Google’s former director of engineering, was new to her job, a manager suggested she abide by the impact rule: “Focus on driving impact (mapped to team/company goals), do a good job measuring it and then communicating it — and good things will come.” She did that for a decade at the tech powerhouse, winning several leadership awards along the way.

Hermon says there is no shortcut to articulating impact; you just need to put in the work. Her methods certainly reverberate during a week where the world celebrates International Women’s Day and the accomplishments of she-roes like Hermon, who lead teams, break barriers and impact change. For more kick-ass stories about the power of women, check out this list.

We are also coming upon the solemn anniversary of the March 11, 2020, worldwide notice of the Covid-19 pandemic. I’ll never forget a specific moment from that time: talking with Dwyane Wade about the “weird illness” spreading around the world while we watched a thick throng of players hit the spades tables just after the NBA All-Star game in Chicago. When we entered they gave us a squirt of NBA-branded sanitizer. A few weeks later? The world shut down.

What’s your defining memory of the early aughts of Covid-19? Write and share it on Medium while adding the tag “pandemic stories.” Those recollections are history. Let’s make sure the rough draft gets written right.

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Here’s what we’re reading this weekend…

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It’s International Women’s Day and Quantum Has a Long Way to Go,” by Quantum Developer Advocate at IBM

It’s getting tiring, being a woman in tech. And today, on international women’s day, I want to explain why.

Gustav Klimt, Hygieia, Portion of Klimt’s painting Medicine, 1901–1907 | Public Domain

The Grim History of Slut Shaming,” by author and illustrator

From Cleopatra to Charity Girls, sluts have always been dangerous creatures.

I Asked Leading Covid Scientists- Off The Record- About the Virus Origins and Lab Leak Theory,” by , TIME Magazine contributor

Here’s what they told me.

Is DALL-E Antisemitic?” by , CEO of Gado Images

The popular image generation system perpetuates Jewish caricatures

Can You Get Pancreatic Cancer On a Vegan Diet?” by , the chair and Professor of Biological Sciences at Columbia University

An American Journal of Clinical Nutrition report finds the quality of food in a plant-based diet correlates with risk of pancreatic cancer

What have you been reading lately? Let us know in the responses.



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