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What We’re Reading: How do you quantify impact?

Sivan Hermon won a Frodo Award in 2014 from Google. She talks about the hows and whys of it in a Medium post. // Image: Sivan Herman

Here’s what we’re reading this weekend…

Image description: Feet hanging off end of a bed. Image by Pixaby

How to Survive the Stupid Spring Forward of Daylight Savings Time” by Robert Roy Britt, a journalist and author of “Make Sleep Your Superpower”

Use Feedback to Break Biases and Think More Clearly,” by Kim Scott, author of “Radical Candor” and “Just Work”

It’s International Women’s Day and Quantum Has a Long Way to Go,” by Quantum Developer Advocate at IBM Abby Mitchell

Gustav Klimt, Hygieia, Portion of Klimt’s painting Medicine, 1901–1907 | Public Domain

The Grim History of Slut Shaming,” by author and illustrator Carlyn Beccia

I Asked Leading Covid Scientists- Off The Record- About the Virus Origins and Lab Leak Theory,” by Markham Heid, TIME Magazine contributor

Is DALL-E Antisemitic?” by Thomas Smith, CEO of Gado Images

Can You Get Pancreatic Cancer On a Vegan Diet?” by Professor Brent R. Stockwell, the chair and Professor of Biological Sciences at Columbia University



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