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What We’re Reading: Breaking the ice, understanding ‘internet brain,’ and an expert’s advice on building your career

A few Medium stories you may have missed recently

How I Write” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, essayist and author of ‘The Black Swan’

Icebreakers You Can Steal For a Better Meeting (I Promise)” by Jackie Colburn, strategist and facilitator, in Better Humans

Think introverted; act extroverted” by Shaziya Tambawala, UX and product designer, in Designing Atlassian

How My Dream of Becoming a Novelist Led Me Astray” by Jacqueline Dooley, essayist

Internet Brain Is a Real Thing” by Brad Stulberg, bestselling author of ‘The Practice of Groundedness,’ co-creator of The Growth Equation and coach to executives, entrepreneurs, and MDs

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The Problem-Pain Threshold: Just Because It Hurts Doesn’t Mean It Needs a Fix” by Saron Yitbarek, entrepreneur, founder of CodeNewbie, developer, speaker, and podcast host

A Very Dangerous Data Science Article” by Keith McNulty, expert and author in applied mathematics, data science, and statistics

Chaz Hutton

The Sisyphean Task of Drawing Sisyphus” by Chaz Hutton, writer and illustrator

Living With Adult ADHD: Explained in Comics” by Ana Krajinovic, linguist, PhD, and comic creator

From the archive: “How to Think About Your Career” by Julie Zhuo, former Product Design VP at Facebook and author of ‘The Making of a Manager’



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