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Image via Praveen Seshadri, “The maze is in the mouse

What We’re Reading: Are you an upstander or a bystander?

A few Medium stories you may have missed this week

Here’s what we’re reading this week…

Light At the End of a Dark (Literally Dark) Winter” by Anton Kutselyk, Medium curator and writer living in Kyiv, Ukraine

The maze is in the mouse” by Praveen Seshadri, cofounder of AppSheet (acquired by Google Cloud)

Software Accessibility for Users with Attention Deficit Disorder” by Eva Katharina Wolf, product designer

Eva Katharina Wolf’s suggested redesigns to Apple Mail

No, ASAP Rocky And Jonathan Majors Are Not Being Emasculated” by Whitney Alese, writer and podcaster

The Strange Fate of the Business Phone Call” by Clive Thompson, author of ‘Coders’ and New York Times contributor

Teach Your Kids to Program But Don’t Teach Them To Be Programmers” by Mark A. Herschberg, professor at MIT

Policy Lessons From The Population Pyramid” by Daniel McIntosh, PhD., professor and international studies expert

The global population pyramid with projections to 2100, Max Roser (Wikimedia Commons) via Daniel McIntosh

Why Black People Celebrate Mardi Gras The Way We Do” by Allison Wiltz, Oprah Daily writer and Editor in Chief of Cultured



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