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What do you think about AI-generated writing?

We want to hear your thoughts on it — and how Medium should approach it on the platform

Image via Midjourney (prompt: “a robot sitting down and writing a literary novel”)
  • We’ve seen AI be confidently wrong — this Ben Thompson piece on homework is a great example. People can be confidently wrong, too. But what’s the impact on a platform like Medium that is so centrally driven by human knowledge?
  • What does it mean for art? Does a piece of art lose meaning without a human being behind it? Does a poem about the human experience lose it’s impact if it’s not actually written by a human?
  • Do you expect to know when what you’re reading is written by a human vs. a machine?
  • Are you concerned about the implication of AI-generated writing impacting the livelihoods of writers? How might we create a system where AI supports human creativity instead of competing with it?



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