What We’re Reading: What Can’t AI Do?

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3 min readJun 2, 2023
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Hi everybody,

I’ll be honest, when concerns about generative AI first made headlines, all I could think about was Robocop, the ’80s Terminator series, and Minority Report. Those movies are about mixing technology with humanity to create superbeings that, in theory, stop problems before they start. Like all old sci-fi, they were more fiction than science.

Fast forward to now and there’s lots of hand-wringing about the future of AI and how it might impact the job market. To counter that fear, data scientist Brandeis Marshall makes a provocative inquiry. “I want to ask the opposite question: what can’t AI do?”

She goes on to write this: “Instead of focusing on the projected adoption of AI in every facet of our lives, consider honing in on what is unAI-able. UnAI-able are actions, tasks and skills that can’t be digitized or automated. These routines require humans to constantly be in the loop to make key and pivotal decisions.”

Good discussion. And now I’m curious: What do you think?

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