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Welcome to the Medium API

Medium is known for having a delightful editor, but it’s not what makes Medium special. What makes Medium special is the engaged network of readers and writers who are using the platform to push conversations and ideas forward by reacting and responding to them. We want your users to be a part of this network, where their writing can spark conversations and inspire, teach, or entertain people. We understand that everyone has their own approach to writing and preferred tools that help their ideas flow most freely from conception to page. Not everyone who would like to publish on Medium will want to do their writing on Medium.

To help your users participate in the Medium network, we’ve built a Publishing API, using OAuth2 for authentication, through which you can seamlessly publish to your users’ Medium profiles. The API supports Markdown and HTML content formats, canonical URLs for cross-posting, and the full range of licenses available on Medium. Full documentation can be found in our documentation Github repo.

You don’t have to build writing tools to create something interesting with the API. You could use our public domain support to publish documents that you think should be more widely available. Or create posts detailing crime statistics in your city. Or hook up an RSS feed to publish all the newly enacted laws in the United States. We’re incredibly excited to unlock your creativity and bring even more stories and ideas to our community.

To get started, head over to the Medium Applications page and setup your app. Once created, the easiest way to build on the platform is to use an SDK. There are currently three official SDKs, for Go, Python, and NodeJS. There is also a reference WordPress plugin that demonstrates PHP. If you run into any issues, file a bug in one of those repos or let us know by emailing developers@medium.com.

We’re excited to work with the development community to build a robust, stable, and predictable API. Respond to this post, tell us how you want to use Medium’s API, and help us shape its future.



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