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Sam Duboff
The Medium Blog
3 min readMay 31, 2017


The best part of working at Medium is witnessing the amazing stories that writers tell using our platform. We provide the canvas and every day, creators infuse it with their expertise, emotion, passion, and point of view.

There’s nothing quite like discovering a great new writer. The strongest voices on Medium captivate and inform us. Their style is as unique as their perspective on the world. With them, we laugh, tear up, take action, finally understand something, and sometimes question everything. And above all, they aren’t afraid to take a stand for what they believe in.

The magic of Medium is more than browsing top stories; it’s about following the ideas of these powerful voices over time and building a connection with them. So we want to help our millions of readers around the world unlock that magic. That’s why, today, we’re introducing Noteworthy.

With Noteworthy, we’ll introduce you to a selection of our favorite writers, experts, photographers, thinkers, activists, illustrators, journalists, videographers, and storytellers. For each Noteworthy writer, you’ll discover not only their stories, but also their ideas and motivations. Through a short film and a written profile, you’ll hear what inspires them, understand more about their background, and even see where they write.

We’re excited to introduce the first three Noteworthy writers: Quincy Larson, Ezinne Ukoha, and Alana Massey. Check out the short films below, read more about them, and be sure to follow them to catch their upcoming work on Medium as soon as it’s published.

Selected as Noteworthy for inspiring a global community of coders on Medium, Quincy teaches us that the future of the internet is in our hands.

See Quincy’s Noteworthy profile.

Selected as Noteworthy for her fearless honesty, Ezinne reminds us that writing truthfully about the world — especially today’s world — is an act of courage.

See Ezinne’s Noteworthy profile.

Selected as Noteworthy for her ability to unpack the zeitgeist, Alana is your go-to writer for all things culture.

See Alana’s Noteworthy profile.

Want more Noteworthy? We’re debuting three writers at once today to kick things off in style, and we’ll be releasing new profiles one at a time from here.

Follow the publication on Medium to discover new Noteworthy writers first, check us out on Twitter and Instagram for behind-the-scenes Noteworthy content, and respond below letting us know writers you think we should feature next.



Sam Duboff
The Medium Blog

head of creator product marketing at spotify; former head of marketing at medium