Updating Our Rules — June 2023

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1 min readJun 28, 2023


This month, we are updating our Rules. As the world evolves, so do the ways in which people use Medium. To accommodate this, we regularly assess our rules, and adjust them accordingly.

We believe that through helping people share their experiences and viewpoints, we can foster greater levels of understanding, education, and acceptance. We realize that, at various moments in the larger cultural conversation, certain underrepresented groups become targeted, and our rules need to quickly evolve in order to maintain our mission of moving conversation forward. You can read more in our in post “Medium stands for LGBTQIA+ rights.”

New changes to our rules include expanding and improving the language around how we define hateful conflict to include slurs, deadnaming, and intentional misgendering.

Additionally, please note that accounts who plagiarize or commit copyright infringement will not be warned, and are not eligible for appeal. Please only post content to Medium which you own or have clear permission to use. If you are unsure if you can use someone else’s content, please see the EFF’s article on “Intellectual Property.”

We also did some general editing clean up, and removed redundant sections to make the rules page cleaner and easier to read.

The Medium Rules are available here. We track changes to our rules on Github so you can see how they evolve.

If you find content or accounts you feel violate our rules, please report it. You can use this form to provide more detail or to report other conduct. Additionally, you can always send an email to trust@medium.com.