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1 min readMay 26, 2021


Medium is an open platform that exists to share ideas and perspectives from the world’s most insightful writers, thinkers, and storytellers.

Today, we are updating our Rules. As Medium evolves as a product, so do the ways people use it. To accommodate this, we regularly assess our rules, and adjust them accordingly.

Changes today include strengthening our rules regarding content that violates the Terms of Service of Medium or other third parties, and our policies on copyright.

To prevent copyright violations and plagiarism on Medium, we have written specific policies, which are now linked directly from our rules. As part of our commitment to always protect the copyright of creators, accounts found in violation of our copyright rules are not eligible for appeal or restoration.

The Medium rules are available here. We track changes to our rules on Github so you can see how they evolve.

If you find content or accounts you feel violate our Rules, please report it. You can use this form to provide more detail or to report other conduct. Additionally, you can always send an email to trust@medium.com.