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Unlocking the Secret Power of Letters

How to master one of the more powerful instruments in your publication toolkit

Stories, delivered straight to your inbox

Once you have selected “Letters” in your publication’s dropdown menu, writing one works exactly like writing a story. You have access to all the same formatting and styling as you would a normal post (except embeds — those don’t play nicely with email), but with one key delivery difference: Once you publish a story, in addition to going up in your publication and distributing across Medium’s network to your followers, it goes directly to your followers’ inboxes, formatted to look great in their email.

From inbox to Medium, your stories look great and give your readers all the tools they’ve come to know and love.

Emails, now with more interactivity

I don’t know about you, but stale and static newsletters are the bane of my existence.

Think outside the email — and the story

Don’t be constrained by your notion of what an email or a Medium story “should” be when you think about letters.

  • Send out really important stories you know your followers won’t want to miss.
  • Recap lots of posts that have been recently published, sort of like your own personal publication digest.
  • Go deeper into specific stories or a set of stories, both within your publication, within all of Medium, or really, anywhere online.
  • Catch your followers’ attention and bring them back with the specific aim of getting them to do more than just read by encouraging them to also respond to something you’ve said or asked.
  • Ensure that even if your letter is caught in an email filter or accidentally archived, what you’ve written will also be available in your followers’ home streams on Medium for when they come back to read and will live alongside all your other stories within your publication.

Share your success stories

We’ve shown off some publications that are doing great things with letters — now it’s your turn to tell us about some letters you’ve either sent or received. Take a screenshot and include it in your response, and let us know what makes those letters awesome.



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