A brand-new topic directory

Today we’re launching a new page that lets you explore topics across Medium

Breana Jones
The Medium Blog
2 min readApr 3, 2023


Screenshot of “Explore Topics” page with Explore Topics header, a search bar, and a list of topics.
A new way to explore topics on Medium.com

We’ve identified and organized more than 500 topics onto a single-page directory, making it easier for you to unlock the depth and breadth of stories on Medium.

Topics are one of the most foundational way writers organize ideas on Medium. But too often, it can feel like topic discovery happens by chance. We’re building intentional pathways to help you dive deep on the topics that matter most to you. Our new Explore Topics page is one of the first steps toward that vision, and a big one in terms of organizing Medium.

Preview of Medium home page with search.
Explore Topics is now available from search in addition to your recent searches.

Where to find the topic directory

You can go to the new page directly, under the recommended topics on the homepage, under related topics on topic pages, or from the search bar.

In addition to browsing through the directory, you can also search for any topic on Medium at the top of the page. The recommended topics underneath the topic search bar are personalized for each reader, and are based on your interests and reading. If you’re curious, mine are Mindfulness, Creativity and Food (lol).

How we chose these topics for the first version — and how to help us build the next one

There are thousands of topics on Medium, and new ones are created by writers every day. Our directory is not an exhaustive list of all topics; we chose this initial list based on depth of content, a diversity of topics, and strong communities. The goal is to build context and surface ideas, so you can understand how a story fits into a broader picture.

We want this map to be ever-evolving, changing to keep up with what folks are writing and reading on Medium and reflecting the communities that converge around those stories. If there’s something you want to see here that isn’t, let us know in comments and we’ll consider it for the next version. We hope the topic directory helps you discover an unfamiliar corner of Medium, find a new writer to follow, or learn about something totally unexpected. Happy exploring!