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The Medium API is now open to everyone

A little over a month ago we launched the beta of the Medium API, and today we’re excited to announce that we’re opening access to everyone! This means any developer can now create an OAuth2 application and allow users to authenticate through Medium.

Creating an application

Applications can be viewed and created through the Medium Applications page, which you can get to through your Settings. We require a name, description, and at least one callback URL to get started, though we also encourage you to add an image. This information will help users identify your application when logging in through Medium, so it should be something they will recognize and trust.

If you created an application through the beta program, you should find it already listed on your applications page.

Once you’ve created your application, we’ll give you your client ID and client secret. Then you can head on over to our API documentation and build something awesome! Or use one of our SDKs for Node, Go, or Python to get started faster. And if you have any questions, drop us a line at developers@medium.com.

Happy hacking!




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