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The new Medium iOS app

The new mobile Medium editor makes it easy share your stories and ideas on the go and, similar to our new homepage editor, comes with a set of features designed to help you focus on your writing: titles are an option but aren’t required, there’s simple header and quote formatting, it features smart typography, and adding links and photos is a breeze. You can also use voice dictation to speak and write.

Your drafts are saved locally on your phone and sent up to when you choose to publish. There’s no draft editing yet, but we know it’s an important part of writing, and we’re working on it!

The new Medium app comes with several other updates:

  • A new reading experience in streams — Read shorter posts right in-line, or tap “Continue reading.”
  • Search — Always find what you’re looking for from the Medium menu.
  • Profiles — Quick access to your profile and writing.
  • Media in posts — Tweets, videos, and audio now display and play in posts.
  • Stats — Writers, you can now view your stats within the app.

We’re just getting started with mobile writing and are excited to see the stories and ideas you’ll share on the go. As always, we’d love your feedback and want to know what you think about our new app — drop us a line at

For more information, check out the FAQ.

We’re so excited about this that we wrote you a song:

♫ One, two
One, two, three, four

On my phone again
Just can’t wait to write from my phone again
Now I can publish straight to Medium
And I can’t wait to write from my phone again

On my phone again
Searchin’ places that I’ve never been
Seein’ posts that I can easily see again
And I can’t wait to search from my phone again

On my phone again
Checking views and reads while going down the highway
How many recommends?
I can’t wait to check my stats from my phone again

On my phone again
Embeds are showing in my posts again
Watching YouTube vids from the palm of my hand
I can’t wait to update my Medium♫