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Take Five: Introducing Your Daily Read

Five easy-to-finish stories you’ll love, delivered every day in the Medium app

Our app team is on a mission to help readers like you discover the stories on Medium that you’ll love. Not only are we putting these stories at your fingertips, but we also want to put you in control of your app experience. We’ve made some recent updates to do this better. We love hearing from readers, so leave us a comment on this post if you’ve got feedback or an idea for us.

Read your top five recommended stories

Each day we’ll share the top five stories recommended for you at the top of the app home, and send you a push notification when they’re ready. To dive in, tap a story and give it a read. Once you’ve read your five daily reads, or are finished browsing these stories, tap Done for Today to collapse Your Daily Read and continue on for more personalized stories in the app feed.

Your Daily Read

Swipe on stories

As you peruse stories, swipe left to save it to read later, or swipe right to see fewer stories like that one.

Swipe to save or remove stories

Tune your recommendations

To give your recommendations a boost, tap Tune your recommendations at the bottom of Your Daily Read. Then, customize by following (or unfollowing) Topics, People, and Publications.

Customize your recommendations

Give us feedback

We’re constantly adding new features to the Medium app so stay tuned for more ways to read what inspires you. We’d love to hear from you and many of the best ideas come from our users. Please leave suggestions or feedback in the responses. We won’t be able to respond directly to every comment, but we’re always listening.

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Pooran Panwar

Pooran Panwar

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