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I posted this internally to Medium employees on March 5, 2014. See Hatching Inside Medium for more context. We’ve since done a lot of work in this area (with more to come).

A Brief History of Collections

In the beginning, every Medium story had to be published into a collection. That collection had to be selected before you started your story (“New Post”) only existed on collection pages. And a story could be in only one collection.

Part of the original reasoning for this was because we had multiple post “types.” Types had different templates that defined their structure and form. When you created a…

Six steps for publications and individuals to reach more readers

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So you’re writing on Medium. Now what?

Let’s get some people to read the awesome stuff you’re writing.

Step one: Change your mindset

Medium excels at helping you directly engage with an audience that cares about what you are writing and giving you the ways and means to start a conversation with those people.

The key to growing your readership is focusing on the people who will gravitate towards your message, interacting with them, and giving them space to start and spread even more conversations from you, about you, and inspired by you.

Step two: Follow people and publications that matter to you

You know the the countless brands on other social platforms who are…

How to master one of the more powerful instruments in your publication toolkit

Today, we’re adding a new series of articles to The Story, highlighting features and tools on Medium that both readers and writers can use to get more out of their experience. Call this Episode One, which focuses on one of my personal favorite tools on the platform that, when deployed well, can be one of the more powerful tools for a publication owner.

Letters are stories that are emailed out to followers of a publication in addition to being posted and are an excellent way to grab the attention of your dedicated readers and bring them back to your publication…

At Medium, we are building a new kind of media product — one centered around conversation and reaction, one where audience engagement is not an afterthought, but something fundamentally new and participatory at its core. The benefits of writing on Medium — into a thriving network, being connected to many others — have always been a big part of what we’re all about. But we’ve been missing an important ingredient, which we’re adding today: continuity.

We’re very excited to announce the launch of a new feature for Publications. We’re calling it Letters. We think it’s valuable, especially in today’s world…

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