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Every day people publish thousands of stories on Medium, sharing thoughts or ideas that matter, with the world. Many of them spark important conversations via responses, which imbue stories with additional details and perspectives. One problem is, these conversations live on a separate page — they’re out of context and difficult to follow.

Today, we’re fixing that. As part of a broader effort to reimagine how readers connect with writers and each other on Medium, we’re excited to launch an update to responses.

Previously, reading responses took you to a separate page like this:

Now, when you read through or…

We’ve cleaned up our in-product messaging prompts.

If you’ve been a long-time Medium user, you may have noticed some changes we’ve made in the past several months. Or better yet, you may have not noticed some things that may have previously distracted you (or your readers) from enjoying what’s most important on Medium: the stories themselves, the ideas that matter. Earlier this year, we dramatically reduced the frequency and prominence of our in-product messaging prompts (sign up, open in app, etc) resulting in a far cleaner, more enjoyable reading experience.

What prompted this change? In the latter half of 2019, we took a hard look at the…

In Medium’s Partner Program, writers earn daily through a new model to reward quality writing

In 2017, we launched the Medium Partner Program to fairly compensate writers for their quality stories, with unlimited potential to earn. Since then, we’ve paid more than $6 million to over 30,000 writers, increasing payouts year over year.

Today, we’re excited to announce an updated earnings model to improve how writers earn for their stories through the Partner Program.

Instead of paying based on claps as the main signal, we will now reward stories primarily based on reading time, which we’ve seen to be a closer measure of quality and resonance with readers. …

3 min read

The official Medium blog

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