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This was originally written on Hatch — the internal version of Medium for Medium employees. For the last few weeks, we’ve been using mentions on Hatch and we’re loving it. (See Hatching Inside Medium for more context.)

Hey Ev, what about mentions?

I’ve always wanted to let people know that I’ve mentioned them in my…

Here at Medium, we care very much about our editor. We strive for it to be a simple, minimalistic tool, but also one with a great amount of depth and delight. The austerity serves an important purpose — writers can focus on sharing ideas, thoughts, and stories rather than fighting…

Two years ago, we opened up Medium for anyone to write. It was a new, well-lit place for an old idea: letting people share their stories, their ideas, their unique perspectives.

In designing how Medium works, we had a few goals: help good stuff get the attention it deserves, no…

*Medium has since updated their branding. The latest guidelines are here.

Ever since Medium first launched in beta three years ago, we have sported a logo that is a big, bold, black-and-white slab-serif M, from the font Stag.

While simple, elegant, and strong, this Stag M proved rather inflexible as…

3 min read

The official Medium blog

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