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In Medium’s Partner Program, writers earn daily through a new model to reward quality writing

In 2017, we launched the Medium Partner Program to fairly compensate writers for their quality stories, with unlimited potential to earn. Since then, we’ve paid more than $6 million to over 30,000 writers, increasing payouts year over year.

Today, we’re excited to announce an updated earnings model to improve how…

Some of the best stuff on Medium, month by month

Processing politics

Leaders in politics and activism took to Medium before and after the election to process their thoughts, defend their viewpoints, and mobilize their readerships.

In the week leading up to Election Day, voices from all corners of the political landscape entreated readers to get to the polls. Thumbtack founder, former…

Five use cases to engage new audiences

1. A platform for influencers

Medium is an influencer-heavy platform, making it a natural place for your CEO or Executive Director or celebrity spokesperson to engage and promote the work of your organization. This is the lightest touch way to engage, so might be a good way to dip your toe in.

A round-up of some of the best things that happened in the last two months

Medium news

We’re hiring in outreach and partnerships in entertainment and business.


Shonda Rhimes published her memorable speech from The Hollywood Reporter’s Power Woman breakfast.

The producers of EMPIRE created a publication, Empire: Behind the Music, to showcase the world behind the TV show.

Elton John published an op-ed in honor of…

One of our goals at Medium is to treat our users better than anyone else. And a way we do this is by trying to make it actually clear (not just legally defensible) what we are doing with data and analytics.

To this end, we’ve designed Medium to respect users…

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