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The European Parliament is set to vote next week on a proposed new law: the copyright directive. Article 13 is part of that law, and applies to “certain uses of protected content by online services.”

The world contemplated by Article 13 is a whole other Internet.

It would require websites…

This is a questionnaire Medium sends to third party service providers before we work with them to ensure their data collection, storage, and security practices are consistent with our standards. …

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Fellow Californians, please join us in opposing AB 2880, which would allow and encourage California to extend copyright protection to works made by the state government. We think it’s a bad idea that would wind up limiting Californians’ ability to post and read government information on platforms like Medium.


Around April 10, we began hearing reports that Medium was blocked in China. The first evidence of a block involved WeChat. Over the following days, the various tools for testing site availability across China’s ISPs showed indications of blocking ranging from partial to full resolution failure for Medium’s web interface, both http and https. Currently, services like show a more or less complete block of all posts on Medium.

We’ve heard several theories, and have a few of our own. But, we don’t know with any certainty the reason for the block. We haven’t spoken with Chinese authorities about it. If and when we have an update, we’ll let you know.

Here’s our second transparency report. It covers all takedown or information requests received in 2015, including government requests, and the actions we took in response.

Takedown Requests


This section covers requests to take down content based on copyright infringement. They’re broken out into notices and counternotices received under the Digital Millennium…

Medium co-filed an amicus brief yesterday supporting Apple in its refusal to create custom code for the FBI that would weaken iPhone security. This brief was a joint effort with 16 other Internet companies, including Automattic, Reddit, LinkedIn, Kickstarter, GitHub, and Twitter. …

Medium Users,

As some of you have noted, Medium’s now blocked in Malaysia.

Image courtesy Amy @ Pikaland

Here’s what happened.

The Sarawak Report’s website has been blocked in Malaysia since summer 2015. They continued to reach the Malaysian public through Medium.

Last Wednesday, January 20, we received an…

One of our goals at Medium is to treat our users better than anyone else. And a way we do this is by trying to make it actually clear (not just legally defensible) what we are doing with data and analytics.

To this end, we’ve designed Medium to respect users…

Yesterday afternoon Medium co-filed an amicus brief in support of net neutrality at the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. This brief is a joint effort with Automattic, Reddit, Squarespace, Yelp, and Twitter. We’re glad to be part of this group and proud of the brief. …

Some Medium users have noticed that ad-blockers are blocking legit parts of Medium, such as our first-party analytics and icons. This is not good because they prevent you from making fullest use of the site (and at worst, new users might not realize what’s missing). …

3 min read

The official Medium blog

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