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At Medium, we value discussion, discourse, and conversation. We encourage users with similar and divergent viewpoints to engage over the ideas and stories that matter to them.

But we live in the real world and recognize that sometimes you may not want to get in a discussion. Sometimes, you just…

You know that thing everybody does on Twitter where they screenshot some highlighted text to get around the 140 character limit? You know, like this?

Up until now you had to highlight the text you wanted, take a screenshot, go find the screenshot, and finally attach it to the tweet. Whew! Hope you still remember what you wanted to tweet in the first place.

Now there’s no need for all that rigmarole. Just highlight any sentence on Medium and click the tweet button. We’ll build you a pretty screenshot and pop open a tweet box in which you can insert your witty observation. Give it a try!

Make the best out of Medium as a writer with these hints

Create lists. You can start a bulleted list by typing a dash or asterisk. Then, just start typing your first item. Once you hit Enter, the list will be reformatted for you automatically. To start a numbered list, type “1.” and your first item.

Two types of quotes. Select any…

3 min read

The official Medium blog

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