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How we are building a system for high-quality publishing at scale

In “,” I argued that subscriptions for publishing on a wide scale are inevitable — and that’s a good thing. Now I will describe Medium’s unique approach to this opportunity.

First, in case you’re not aware, Medium has a subscription offering called. We launched it just over a year ago. Here’s what growth has looked like since then:

Medium subscriber growth, year one. (Daily and total lines are on different scales.)

After a strong start (when people were really just subscribing because they believed in and wanted to support Medium’s mission — 🙏), and a mediocre middle (when we were figuring it out), we’re now seeing not only…

Today, we are updating our rules to help strengthen our community.

As the internet has evolved in the five years since we launched, so has the way people use Medium. To accommodate this, we regularly assess our rules, and adjust them accordingly.

We strive to be a place where everyone is welcome to share, read, and engage with the stories that matter to them. When we see abuse of this system, we act quickly and fairly to take appropriate action. Where our policies fail, we carefully analyze and update them.

Beyond Medium itself, we recognize that we are also part…

2017 edition

Medians as of December 14, 2017 (minus a few that couldn’t make it to our offsite)

At Medium, we strive to be the best place online to find interesting ideas and perspectives you won’t find anywhere else. As a company, we believe that diverse perspectives deepen our understanding of complex issues, and great ideas can change the world when you create a welcoming space for them. Diversity for us includes, but is not limited to, gender, ethnicity, race, culture, socio-economic background, religion, age, physical ability, veteran status, country of origin, primary language, sexuality, political preference, education, and family makeup.

In the past year, Medium has gone through but we’ve remained constant in…

Medium’s mission — five years in

Five years can seem like a long time. Two presidential elections and three iPhone generations ago, things were different. And that’s when we started Medium. At the time,

It’s clear we’ve only scratched the surface of how we can use the tools available to us to connect hearts and minds. It’s also clear that the way media is changing isn’t entirely positive when it comes to creating a more informed citizenry. …

As the year comes to a close, we can (probably) agree on one thing: 2016 will not soon be forgotten. The world lost legends like David Bowie and Muhammad Ali, watched as athletes made history on the field and off, and put democracy under all the microscopes. But perhaps most notably, this year sent a message: Prepare to have some hard conversations.

In 2016, Medium became more than a platform — it became a place where people turned when it was time to have those hard conversations (okay, and some easy ones). Writers shared authentic, personal stories. Readers created tight-knit…

I wrote this on Hatch — our internal version of Medium — on 13 March. The post is presented here with minimal edits. See for more context.

On Names

Names are important; they are more than just words, they shape and color the things they name.
— From the Journal of Xavier Desmond by George RR Martin

SWAT is our on-call and release team. It stands for Site Wellness, Availability, and Triage. While the three tenets are important, and the name is catchy and memorable, it is time to rebrand.

Even though the militarization of the police isn’t new…

I posted this internally to Medium employees February 12, 2015 (the same day I posted it here). See for more context.

The One-Dayer

I am a big believer in constraint as a force for driving creativity, focus, and insights. Also, as a key to getting shit done.

We’ve all had experiences where as individuals — or more likely as a team — we’ve seen amazing things accomplished in a very short period of time. At the end of a project with a hard deadline. At a 24-hour hackathon. On a short weekend in Vegas.

One of the biggest reasons…

What do our numbers look like?

In case you didn’t know, diversity in the workplace is a good idea. It builds better, stronger teams by expanding the collective knowledge of the company, improves profitability, and can boost morale.

Diversity is especially important to us at Medium. Our audience is everyone in the world. If we have a homogenous group making the decisions on how to build our product, we’re going to have a pretty narrow perspective and a one-sided experience.

Unfortunately, no tech companies are doing a great job of diversifying their teams (the number of women in leadership roles and minorities in general are pretty…

This was originally written on July 17, 2014 and published on Hatch, our internal version of Medium. Read more about this collection at .

homepage experiments

The fundamental difference between Medium and any other blogging site is the network. So we say. But we need to work to make it a reality. When can we say that we are really adding value with our network of connected posts? When being on Medium has a noticeable, measurable, significant effect. For writers, this means writing on Medium consistently and noticeably sends you more traffic than you would get just posting on your own…

This was originally published on Hatch (our internal version of Medium) on November 7, 2014, with a few changes made here for clarity. See for context on this collection.

1. Use custom Fred commands in Slack

At least once a day fire up , pop into #general, and say “fred trending” or “fred ttr.” This will give you a list of the trending posts on Medium and make it seem like you have your finger on the pulse of things.

2. Recommend everything on Hatch

Don’t bother reading it, there’s too much to actually read, you just have to look like you read it. No one will know the…

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The official Medium blog

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