Six Reasons to Start Up on Medium

Gabe Kleinman
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3 min readOct 14, 2014


Use Medium for your startup. Yes, this is shameless promotion.
[But hey, we wouldn’t write it if we didn’t believe it.]

Whether you’re a one-person operation or part of a 50-person team, your life is crazy. You’re laser-focused on finding product-market fit, A/B testing everything from your landing page to messaging, and raising your next (or first) round. You’re building and breaking, pivoting and building (again), growth hacking and — at some point — sleeping. What are you even doing reading this post?

You want to share your ideas with investors, potential consumers and even relatives — and want it to be time well spent.

On Medium, it is. If it weren’t already apparent, here’s why.

1. Medium is a place to announce stuff that matters.

Secret’s launch. Talko’s start. Circa’s evolution. Sprig’s growth. Getting the most out of Slack. Even Tesla’s titanium underbody announcement. Your brand looks better, and you control the message and reach new audiences (see #5 below).

2. It takes zero maintenance and costs nothing.

Starting a stand-alone blog costs time and money. Medium = minimal set-up, no cost, and no pressure to publish. If you want the content on your site as well, simply embed it.

Embeds in action: Secret uses the subtle ‘M’ icon in the lower left, while Mosaic Ventures prominently displays its content on the homepage.

3. Investors are on Medium.

Greylock. Lowercase Capital. Mosaic Ventures. Homebrew. Those are just a few of the investors on Medium, all part of a pulsing network into which you’ll be publishing.

4. It’s a place for start-up CEOs.

Other spaces on the internet can be either too exclusive, too crowded, not a good fit, or all three. Start-up CEOs are at home on Medium, talking about product, company culture, leadership, and more. Brian Chesky, Andy Dunn, Katie Doyle + Jay Hallstein, Dave Morin, and Noah Brier are a few using Medium today.

5. You can expand your reach.

Don’t take my word for it. Katie + Jay eloquently explain how Medium can help reach larger audiences.

Katie + Jay, co-founders of startup Brass Clothing.

6. It’s a great place to recruit.

Companies like Dropbox, The Skimm, and Job Portraits use Medium as a recruiting tool (obviously we do too). Engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs are all active on Medium — perhaps they should be working for you?

We started Medium based on the belief that a better system for exchanging ideas and stories will change the world.

The start-up mindset — optimism, diligence, + experimentation — aligns perfectly with our mission, which is one reason why entrepreneurs are thriving on Medium.

Ask Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover. He is using our platform to build in public, share Product Hunt’s story, and encourage greater discourse overall.

You’re at the beginning, and so are we.

Come shape the future with us.