Signing in to Medium by email

No Twitter or Facebook necessary… and no passwords either.

Today, we’re pleased to offer sign in and account creation on Medium using only your email address.

Wait, what?

Signing in with email on Medium
An email containing the sign in link.


What if someone gains access to my email address?

How much time do I have to click on the sign in link?

What if I don’t receive an email?

Why is it telling me I created a new account instead of logging me into my existing account?

What happens if I forward a sign in link to someone else?

Are you going to remove Sign in with Facebook and Sign in with Twitter?

I already created an account on Medium using Facebook or Twitter. Can I sign in using my email address?

What if I access Medium from a shared device?

Are you going to add the ability to sign in with any other services?

Can you send me an SMS instead of an email?

Does this work on the iOS and Android apps?

I still have more questions!

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