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Reading fiction makes us better people

This weekend, we’re highlighting original and imaginative fiction on Medium


“Fiction is the truth inside the lie,” wrote Stephen King—and anyone out there with a favorite novel, short story, or superhero film will agree. Fiction is vital. It gives us symbols and characters who reveal core truths about our day-to-day. It transports us into the minds of people we’ll never be. It awakens our imagination. Fiction shows us what’s possible.

Reading great fiction helps us become more compassionate and emotionally intelligent people. It’s also just plain enjoyable.

So, this weekend, we’re highlighting some of the original fiction you’ve shared on Medium over the years—like Priya’s chronicle of a tumultuous romance; Christian Cantrell’s deeply moving thought experiment about gun violence; Patrick Metzger’s dispatch from the last night on Earth; and Bradan Writes Storiesdystopian cyberpunk “Neon City” series, just to name a few. We’re also spotlighting some of the publications who’ve built thriving communities of fiction writers here, like The Coil, Fictions, The Kraken Lore, and Arcturus (again, just to name a few).

What’s the best piece of fiction you’ve read on Medium? Who are some of your favorite authors and publications focusing on fiction? Let us know in the responses. We’re featuring this list on our homepage all weekend and we’ll keep adding to it. You can always dive deeper on the Fiction topic page, too.

Now go escape into some true lies.

Harris Sockel and the team @ Medium