Readers can now save your curated lists

New search, save, and discovery features let readers keep up with stories and list curators they love

Breana Jones
The Medium Blog


Screenshot of a List with a new Save List icon

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added new features to lists to give you more ways to find and explore collections of stories.

In 2021, we launched lists, expanding on the power of the bookmark and letting you organize and curate your saved stories in a new way. Since then y’all have created millions of lists.

Today, we’re taking the power of lists even further. You can now save lists from others and you’ll be notified when the lists you’ve saved are updated.

Since we launched lists, we’ve been inspired by the way you’ve saved and organized stories. Some people use them to organize their own writing and ideas, so that their audiences can easily read their best work. Some act as tastemakers, curating the best stories from across Medium to share with others. And for some, lists are a personal filing system, as they collect their favorite reads in their favorite topics.

We wanted to give you more tools and make it easier to keep up with lists you didn’t create. Now you’ll be able to save anyone’s list with the Save list icon, accessible from wherever lists show up. What you save will be available in your Library, which has a new tab for all of your saved lists.

Screenshot of the library page showing someone’s saved lists

We’ll also let you know when list curators update your saved lists. And for list curators, you’ll receive milestone notifications when your lists are saved by multiple readers. You can also see the number of times a list has been saved at the top of the list page.

Because we believe that lists can be powerful tools for finding great content on Medium, now you’ll be able to search for lists — just select the Lists tab on the Search view. You can save these lists directly from search results.

Finally, we made it easier than ever to continue reading through a list. When you’re reading a story from a list, we’ll show you additional stories from that list so you can easily move on to the next one.

We want to hear more from you. How do you use lists? What improvements would you like to see us make to lists in the future? See you in the responses.