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Quality 📈, clickbait 📉

Changes to the Medium distribution standards

Disincentivizing clickbait

Get 10 people and a set of headlines in a room, and you might be surprised what happens next: They won’t all agree on what’s clickbait and what’s not.

  • Is the title or story image more provocative than the content of the story merits?
  • Is the title over-reaching or over-promising with hyperbolic claims or absolutes that are not verifiable?
  • Is the title withholding important context; misleading the reader; or using cliches, gimmicks, or cheap language?

Other changes to distribution standards

As part of our efforts to continue delivering quality stories to our readers, we’re loosening some of our restrictions on story elements that don’t have a major effect on overall story quality. These include many restrictions on headlines (except clickbait), reasonable profanity in headlines, clap requests (and other benign calls-to-action), and crowdfunding asks.